Line Translator

Line Translator is one of the available options in Line, with this, you can easily translate from Spanish to English and vice versa.
This can be done with a simple modification on the configuration, but it might complicate our Line language.

The translator is quite good and it may save us some time with the available translations for the conversations. Logically it has some mistakes regarding to understand completely some expressions, but it might be a good alternative at the time of a better communication in English.


You can learn something of the language, and Line Translator is design to that.

The function is fulfilled even if it is a bit rough to manage, but it may be a good ally.

To start downloading Line Translator you have to access from Line to the tab “More”, then “Official Accounts”, we keep on surfing the net until we got to “News and Tools” and a few seconds later, a list will be charged and we select “ENG-ESP Translator” or “ESP-ENG Translator” this depends on what we are looking for.

We also can find another languages, it all depends on our needs and likes.

It can be very helpful! Don’t be shy, leave us a comment.

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