Download Line for Windows

Download Line for Windows, the service which Line offers goes hand with the characteristic of can having a conversation from your PC before than from your mobile phone; so that you can keep a conversation from your laptop to the mobile phone of another user.
Its main competitor, Whatsapp does not count with this useful and powerful tool which plays a fundamental roll in the change of a lot of users from one service to the other.

Download Line

Line allows the transference of images, music, video, locations and funny emoticons.

Also, it is available in the main mobile platforms such as iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Android, among others. At the same time it is on MAC, Windows and Linux.

This desktop version is a great bet from the Japanese company that has been done so far with a large part of the global Market.

In front of the mobilization of this fabulous application, we find the free VolP calls and the group conversations which are very similar to the Skype ones.
To start enjoying this service from our PCwe only need to
download Line and follow some easy install steps.

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