Line Brush

Line Brush is part of one of the many applications offered within Line products which can be found by users of iOS as well as Android clients.

Application is made for smart-phones and tablets; here you can create artwork through the wide range of resources that gives us the powerful application we can draw with different brushes and tools that come with Line Brush. 

Once we have completed our work, we have the alternative of sharing it with our friends and throw them to fame in our social networks. 


Line Brush has about thirty tools like pens, color palettes and paint buckets that can make us remember the well-known and perhaps longed Paint. 

You can also make scribbles within our personal photos we found in our mobile phone, the application is available on Google Play and AppStore. Line Brush can be downloaded for free, with professional tones but to everyone, it gives another reason to download Line 

También se pueden realizar garabatos dentro de nuestras fotos personales que encontramos dentro de nuestro celular, la aplicación está disponible en Google Play y AppStore. Line Brush se puede descargar gratuitamente, con tonos profesionales pero al alcance de todos, da otro motivo para descargar Line

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